Continuity question - Sophie in MESS is pre-timebomb, correct? What happened to her memories post timebomb?

This is the kind of thing I’ve just sorta tried to shove under the rug, but if anyone is real curious, it shakes out like this: in 2008, I wrote the Time Bomb in Sporkman that rewrote history to what is now the current canon.  The only people that remembered the original timeline were Sporkman (who remained unchanged) and Sophie (who suddenly found herself in the body of a 16-year-old, as everyone in the new timeline was younger).  If you think about it hard enough, you might come to the conclusion that this effective MURDERS the Sophie that was in this new timeline; if Old Sophie is in New Sophie’s body, then New Sophie would seem to have been erased, like a formatted hard drive.

That’s vaguely creepy, but we could deal with it - EXCEPT that MESS came along and ruined everything by showing us a Sophie in 2007; which is to say, MESS introduced us to the New Sophie that Old Sophie seems to have “killed.”  Whoops.

Now, I’ll never put any of this in the comics because, well, it’d just sound cumbersome and be needlessly confusing, but here’s how I rationalize that thinks shook out now: after the Time Bomb, Old Sophie merged with New Sophie.  Since the explosion was so fresh, Old Sophie still remembered the original timeline quite clearly as having been her life.  However, over time, New Sophie’s memories floated to the surface, while the Old Sophie memories got hazier.  At this point, Sophie remembers her life in the previous timeline the same way she remembers information she might’ve read in a book.  She’s logically aware of those facts, but they feel distant and unreal.

Which is to say, MESS Sophie is the Prime Sophie.  The Sophie in 2012 that we seen in recent Sporkman strips is the same Sophie we’ve seen in MESS, just five years older.  The fall of 2008 was just a momentarily confusing speed-bump for her.

Did that make any sense to ANYONE else?  In any event, Sporkman is only person on Earth that remembers the original timeline as having been his life, which is good, since in the new timeline, he never technically existed.